Turok: Rage Wars

Turok: Rage Wars

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The item for sale is a classic title for the Nintendo 64 System.

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Since time began, Turok has maintained the balance between good and evil with the Light Burden. A vessel that holds the power of creation. Now, fierce wars are fought for control. You must prove yourself worthy to wield the Light Burden. You must relive the challenge of your ancestors and survive the RAGE WARS! Featuring brutal heart-pounding deathmatches, lethal weapons with unimaginable power, and 8 savage game modes, including co-op mission-based gameplay, Team Bloodlust, Frag Tag and more!

Most of the engagements in Army Men: Air Combat take place on the same disputed territories these forces have clashed over for decades: back yards and beach playgrounds. Because these tiny troops are fighting on such a small scale, their tactics often include household items, such as surface-to-air bottle rockets and cherry-bomb warheads. Even a properly dropped chicken drumstick will attract hostile ants to the Tan stronghold. Fans of the series will enjoy the interaction in this game with characters from Army Men: Sarge's Heroes. You can add a friend for the two-player cooperative mode or make it greens versus tans in the game's four-player simultaneous competitive mode.